In some businesses many marketers also play a sales role. It’s more likely a trend in small to medium sized organisations because larger organisations would typically have a marketing team made up of a number of people with a range of skills covering the marketing mix. And sales remains the preverbal anchor tenant. Either way, marketing as an art and science really does need to deliver quantifiable data to aid both sales and the further refinement of the dynamic marketing strategy itself. Magic?

We’re able to do it. Using Marketing Technology.

It’s viable to have your marketing activities and engagements measured accurately and adjusted in realtime based on parameters that the business defines in a boutique strategy.

The system identifies opportunities to communicate with your customers in line with data it’s aiming to gather to populate it’s customer database of “fact sheets.” The marketing manager activates these new opportunities with white-label sales material that is reusable and consistent across all platforms.

This sales material uses the information in the customer database to offer strategic advice by presenting available variables (such as date, location or gender) to insert into communication, customer profiles (like commonalities, likelihoods and comparisons) to target archetypes and history log files (showing past interactions) for a 360 degree customer view – where it counts. And lastly, a revenue projection based on the opportunities being successfully activated. Which, when placed alongside a customer lifetime value, assists by suggesting three budget risk profiles in aid of spending marketing budgets more efficiently to reach customers and populate the customer database with additional data.

Using this additional data the process starts again and new opportunities are made available to activate.

Companies with access to the Marketing Technology system are making good use of their leads. Well, not just their leads – all available customer data. And the result is increased sales backed by targeted spend and solid data.

To be an investor you must be a believer in a better tomorrow.

Benjamin Graham

flame cooking fish

It would be near-impossible to explore all the remote islands of Northern Palawan between El Nido and Coron in the Philippines. I was fortunate to go on an expedition to discover for myself the true culture of the very tropical Sabang island.

It’s home to the worlds longest underground river – a World Heritage Site – and the entry point to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. We went in. It was dark. We came out.

They even once thought it was also the longest river cave in the world. But no. A cave system in Mexico’s Yucatan has since taken that crown.

Anyhow, days later I was on a hand-made raft travelling down a river to the ocean. It would take two days and despite being on a raft, we were ankle deep in water. It was awesome. It even rained for a whole afternoon and we got huge leaves to shield ourselves from the humid drizzle.

We have a honeymoon couple from India. Ken, an American named after his dad, Junior – whose mom is named Barbie. And a set of sunburnt sweethearts that ended up getting married a few years later.

We pull over, hop off the raft – and we got guys jumping into the water with makeshift spearguns, others harvesting leaves and herbs, and the master lighting a small gas stove.

It was an adventure and a moment I’ll remember forever.

This picture tells the rest of the story.

Mar 2

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